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Why Knowing Which God Is Your Archetype

Can Help Improve Your Life

Archetypes function as predispositions in the personality, driving our motivations, beliefs, values, emotions and behavior.  Archetypes are also a source of spiritual wisdom and authenticity that, when activated, give us a sense of meaning in our lives. Acting like a mirror, archetypes can help you see and understand the underlying reasons for the patterns of your life.

Archetypes are inner images that embody universal characteristics and experiences. They are responsible for the persistent themes we see surfacing in our own lives. Myths and fairy tales, many artistic images, and many of the characters we encounter in our dreams are expressions of these archetypes. As inner guides that exist in your personality, the god archetypes influence how you behave, how you think and feel, and how you relate to others. Since the god stories that are passed on in the mythology of human cultures embody the expression of male character, they provide us with a rich and fascinating way to gain access to the personal archetypes that are active in our lives.

Each god archetype has both its strengths and weaknesses. When you are aware of your archetype and understand his typical ways of behaving and relating, you can capitalize upon those strengths and guard against the archetype's weaknesses (your underdeveloped traits).

The more you function within the strengths of your inherent archetype, the stronger and more confident you will become, the more control you have over your life, and the better prepared you are to make the choices that create the life you want. 

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