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Greek Gods: Their Myths and Symbols

Greek gods and their myths have inhabited the human imagination and spirit for thousands of years. The Greek gods as portrayed in their stories represent the eternally masculine qualities that form the patterns of the lives of contemporary men. 

The Greek gods and goddesses now known as the Olympians were the first of the ancient pagan deities to have distinctive personalities. Consequently, their myths are fascinating and full of detail. Although they were deities, each had recognizable "human" qualities.

Just as each of the Greek myths is different, each of the gods is unique -- motivated by different values and priorities. Each of  the gods has strikingly different characteristics, both positive traits and potentially problematic ones.

The Greek myths remain relevant in modern times. The spiritual journey for men inevitably involves a quest to claim and honor the archetypes that guide men's lives.

Learn to recognize the gods within,

for it is the spirit of the myths of the gods

that instructs us about the patterns

that we see repeated in our lives.

The Greek gods' stories are each presented  in two versions. Select the brief introduction if you'd like to browse or need help in deciding which god's story to visit. Or go straight to the full version of his story and his symbols.  Click on the name of the god to be taken to his myths.

The links on this page will give you an opportunity to learn more about these major Olympian deities. If you decide to go to the brief introductions you can still travel  from there (if you so choose) to the full version that recounts many of the gods' legends and his symbols. Or you can choose to skip the introduction and go straight to the stories of that god.

Enjoy the stories!

Greek Gods: Myths and Symbols


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